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What is December?†It is the end of the year and Beginning of New Year,†for some itís the move on and start with mew journeys and for some itís just time to now celebrate their Birthday's. But is that†enough? Or we are still missing what December brings with itself. Let me tell you what December is about.

It is the month of cool winds, snow with a little shower of sunshine and glow. This month comes with the memorable event of Christmas, which spread smile on every one face. Most of All it is the day of harmony, love & Joy. Friends and Family being together, Santa with his White long beard in red hot cloths brings gifts for old and young especially for kids as they sleeping tight in their beds. Christmas is the day we all wait for, it is the day for family and re-union, to be together to stay and talk and forget the regret of past to come closer and clean our hearts and exchange of care would be made so far.

"May Jesus Save us and be our Hero" It is the day of Christ with lots of celebrations. The day which is meant to forgive and love, to forget all sorrows and problems as it will be part of our life until we are alive but for this day we should live and enjoy with butter and cakes. Christmas is the most pleasant, awaited, beloved and wonderful occasion in a year.

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